Shaving down the puzzle piece

Practice doesn't make perfect, just makes the game more dangerous

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Right back at you, man

and then we have this asshole
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Is this Sigma or something….?

But...you don't have a slasher smile? Uh.

A slasher smile…

Yeah, I guess not

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Junpei without Quark was a strange sight. Sigma had always suspected that Junpei had in all honesty, tolerated him solely for Quark’s sake…no, suspected wasn’t the right word—known was. The awkward smalltalk gradually turned into hostile, passive aggression yet toxic retorts that slice right through him throughout the years. It was a bit difficult to not notice.

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He’s too busy mentally preparing himself for the days in which Quark will be gone to fully register Sigma’s go ahead. It’s not until he mentions Akane that he instantly looks over to him.

"It’s not a son and father duo if the father aint there, am I right?"

He does nothing but stare as his quiet laughter gives way to sudden coughing. He notes that he seems about as lively as ever, what with him sputtering about like that.

Even so, he can’t believe Akane’s married to this man.

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If you don’t like puns or sarcasm then we’ll probably never get along ever.